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Part of Your World

Part of Your World

Ever since Lucinda was born, she has been obsessed with the Little Mermaid. Some days, it's literally the only way to keep her happy, even while she's sleeping... once I got my dye closet organized and was finally ready to play, you KNOW I had to do something inspired! It was hard not to do this when I listen to "Part of Your World" approximately 15BILLION times a day!

I must admit, I am super excited about how this colourway turned out!


Part of Your World - firey red hair, a purple bralette and a sea green tail with swirls of watery blue swimming around it! Inspired by the world's most favourite 16 yr old mermaid!


Logan 75% sw merino 25% nylon

Leo 85% sw extrafine merino 15% nylon

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