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Stitching Tendencies 2023 Episode 1

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

Stitching Tendencies

2023 Episode 1

Recording 01/18/2023

Publishing 01/22/2023

Show Notes

Welcome Stitchers to the 3StitchesShort Channel and the Stitching Tendencies Podcast!

This is my *primarily* knitting podcast where I sprinkle in my other crafty adventures occassionally.

Today we are going to be talking about the new year, where I've been, what I've been up to and what my plans and goals are for this year.

It was a very sickly and busy end of the year, ending with us BUYING A HOUSE! Thankfully, now I am *mostly* recovered from illness and we are fully in the house!

Now we are slowly unpacking and getting settled in our home.

Sidenote: I really really really really struggle with technology!


#FinishItFeb2023 Runs Feb 01-Feb 28. Finish WIPs that were cast on BEFORE the New Year.

Hosted by KnittaCass Co-Hosted by Me

ChatterThread (Open NOW!)

|2023 Goals|

1. Keep track of what I am actually making

2. Stash down



Vanilla Socks



Craftroom Blanket

Amber-Dextrous Socks


DVD Jan Socks

|My Designs|

My Site:



|Where you can find me|






|Feature Podcasts|

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