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Mummy & Me Ear Warmers

Updated: May 7

Mummy & Me Ear Warmers (Crochet Version)

By: Mae Reiss For: 3 Stitches Short This pattern is solely the property of Mae Reiss as “3 Stitches Short”. This pattern is for personal use only. This pattern may not be altered, copied, published or distributed for any reason by any person with out the expressed permission of Mae Reis or 3 Stitches Short. Feel free to sell any makes you make from this pattern, but kindly give pattern credit and link to the purchase source so other crafters may obtain their own copy.


  • DK weight wool: I used Whims Merino DK from Fiber content is only important to the wearer.

  • 3mm Hook

  • Scissors

  • Darning Needle

  • Stitch Markers (optional)


15 Stitches x 12 Rows = 2 Inches


  • 0-6 months:

    • Starting Chain: 15

    • Total Length: 12 inches

  • 6-12 months:

    • Starting Chain: 15

    • Total Length: 14 inches

  • Toddler (1-3 yrs.):

    • Starting Chain: 21

    • Total Length: 15.5 inches

  • Child (4-10 yrs.):

    • Starting Chain: 21

    • Total Length: 16.5 inches

  • Teen:

    • Starting Chain: 27

    • Total Length: 17.25 inches

  • Adult:

    • Starting Chain: 31

    • Total Length: 18 inches.

Pattern Notes:

  1. We are working in the “moss stitch” also called the “linen stitch”. This stitch has a forgiving amount of stretch to it. We want the fabric to be comfortable and not too snug.

  2. If you are making for someone on the petite end of the size scales, I would recommend crochets until you are just a smidge under the suggested length. Contrary, if you are crocheting for someone on larger end of the size guide, perhaps go just over the recommendation.

  3. These are guidelines for the sizes, not rules, for a custom fit, increment about .25 inch at a time until you are comfortable with the exact fit.

  4. Some people find it helpful to use stitch markers in the FIRST CHAIN SPACE of each row to make sure they are putting the LAST SC of each row in the proper place. If your edges are coming out uneven, I strongly encourage you to try this until you are familiar with the stitch placement.

Instructions CH: according to choses size guide Row 1: SC in the 3rd CH from the hook. *CH 1, SK1, SC in next CH* repeat to the end. Turn Row 2: CH 2. Sk 1st SC and SC in the CH1 space below. *CH 1, SK next SC, SC in CH 1 space below* Repeat to the end. Turn. Repeat Row 2 until the fabric’s total UNSTRECTCHED length is equal to the recommended length for your chosen size. Leave a tail long enough to sew your seam and Tie off. Seam Instructions. Fold your fabric in half to line up the short edges. Fold your short edges in half “hot dog” style so they make little “u” shapes. Layer those edges half at a time until you have the 2 short edges as 4 half layers. Using your darning needle, seam this edge layer sandwich in place. Weave in your tails. Pop the piece right side out and Voila!

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