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MALs With Pals Fall '23 Knit-A-Long

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

The best ideas are the ones that spring themselves upon you... that are watered by friends who want to make things happen!

About a week ago, a friend in one of my knitting/wool groups asked about all the Ranunculus KALS that were happening all over the knit community. A few others in the group said they too wanted to make this design. Unfortunately, they all seemed to have ended by this time of year.

What's a knitter to do when the KALs have ended and several people still want to make the design together? Host a new KAL of course! And so the birth of the first official 3StitchesShort KAL was born! I think this may be the first properly thought out KAL that is being put together and I am HERE. FOR. IT!


So, lets get a few of the basics out of the way!

Who is Hosting?

Well, I am with my friend Elizabeth!

When is this Happening?

We have decided on a Cast On Date of September 1, 2023 and will run with a FO submission deadline of November 18, 2023.


We've decided to primarily use THIS Facebook Group to host the chatter and updates along the way. Why? Because everyone already has Facebook and the leading knit site isn't accessible to all people. Additionally, we will use #MALsWithPalsFall23 on Instagram.


This will be updated as we continue planning. As of now we are planning some pattern prizes, and some physical prizes.

What are we making?

The Ranunculus Sweater by Midori Hirose. Here is a LINK to the pattern on Ravelry


What does the timeline look like?

General KAL

Rhinebeck Challenge

Sept 1, 2023 - Cast on!

Sept 1, 2023 - Cast on

Week 1: Neck Ribbing

Week 1: Neck Ribbing & Short Rows

Week 2: Short Rows

​Week 2: Yoke

Week 3: Yoke

Week 3: Raglan & Divide for sleeves

Week 4: Raglan

Week 4: Lower Body

Week 5: Divide for Body/Sleeve

Week 5: Sleeve 1

Week 6: Lower Body

Week 6: Sleeve 2

Week 7: Sleeve 1

Week 7: Finish it up for Rhinebeck!

Week 8: Sleeve 2

October 21, 2023 Meet me on the hill at Rhinebeck!

Week 9: Finish up and Submit for Prizes!

Don't forget to submit for prizes!

November 18, 2023 Submissions Deadline




Submit your Finished Objects HERE

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